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“Wood is a work of art, waiting to take shape”

Every kitchen needs a specific design to manage storage space. We can either renovate your entire kitchen into a high end kitchen or design custom kitchen cabinets and counter-tops to meet your requirements and budget. Our original designs and handcrafted woodwork include a wide range of options including wood, finish, colors and hardware to select from. Classic, modern or contemporary, all types of the woodwork are custom built to designer specifications.

Share your ideas and inspirations with us and we’ll handcraft them into a reality. You can sit back and relax while we take care of the style, color, wood and finish to match your taste for kitchen cabinets.

Not only do we create your cabinetry but also give you an opportunity to see our artisans crafting these for you. We always encourage all our clients to visit us for a first-hand experience.

Our Process:


Our process begins with a meeting to understand your ideas, know your budget and inspect the kitchen space you want to custom build. We then offer our recommendations and start with the initial design.

Design and build

We work on the design with you until you’re satisfied with the result. Once the design is approved, we select the wood, finish, colors, and hardware that suit you best and begin production. All the components are handcrafted and built in-house using the best technology.

Delivery and Installation

Once the product is created and finishing is complete, we deliver it to your door-step and also provide installation.

Woodland Horizon creates custom kitchen cabinets, counters, shelves, and cupboards.

We’re here to serve you from the beginning till the end.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets - WoodLand Horizon
High End Kitchen | Custom Kitchen Cabinets - WoodLand Horizon
Custom Built Kitchen Cabinets

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