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Step by step:

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After establishing project timelines and scope of work, our sales team will set up an in-home consultation. Your designer will try to gather as much information as possible on your vision for your space:

Site pictures
Pricing estimate

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Your designer will then take all pertinent information back to the office where our team will turn your dream into a rough draft of reality including all the following:

3D renders
Contract preparation

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The presentation is an exciting moment! This is where you see your new reality’s first glimpse. Your designer will show you the detailed renders and discuss the drawings. This happens in your actual space to aid in visualization. After ensuring your vision has been captured, your designer will show detailed pricing for each item.

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We are always excited to have our clients visit our state-of-the-art showroom. This is where the magic starts taking shape as we walk through a detailed process of selections. We display much of what we offer, making the decision-making process as seamless as possible.

Materials (countertops, cabinets…)

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Final Measurements

Your designer will stay in touch during the construction process and will always be available to answer any questions and work with your trades. Once all framing, electrical/plumbing, and drywalling have been completed, your designer will complete one final site measure before handing off the drawings to our engineers.

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In the week prior to your installation date, our in-house delivery team will deliver your shiny new cabinetry to your home. On install day, our expert team will begin the process of assembling the jigsaw puzzle of parts. Your dream starts taking shape before your eyes! Your designer will also coordinate countertop templating and installation around and alongside cabinetry installation.

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Final Walkthrough

Once our team has completed your project, your designer will set up a final walkthrough to discuss the entire experience. This is often an emotional moment as we “hand over” your project to you for your enjoyment. Any last-minute adjustments can be made, feedback is always welcomed, and of course, we would love to start conversations on another space we can improve for you!

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