Our story

Serving you since 2005

On a small beef farm near St Jacobs ON, a dream was born in the hearts of Laverne and Emma Martin. Working alone, they founded and operated what is now known as the cabinet company called Woodland Horizon Ltd.



Our humble beginnings

Starting production with a few simple machines and tools, in one end of the driving shed, Laverne and Emma focused primarily on providing sub contracted high end custom furniture for retail vendors. As this dream expanded beyond the confines of the farm, they made the decision to focus on the business and relocate to a new facility.


The move

After having fully outgrown the 2000 sq ft facility on the St Jacobs farm, Woodland Horizon relocated to the current property in the village of Drayton Ontario. It offered everything Laverne dreamed of, room to expand, access to all of Southern Ontario for client base, and the ability to maintain the rural lifestyle that Laverne, Emma and their family still held dear to their hearts.


Part 1: Back to square one

Early one Sunday morning in 2012, Laverne received a call alerting him of smoke pouring out of his building. Laverne rushed to the shop and saw several fire trucks pulling in. The blaze levelled the entire facility to the ground. Seeing everything he had worked so hard for lying in ashes around him, Laverne was at one of the lowest points in his life.


Part 2: Bigger and better

Laverne credits much of Woodland’s resurrection to a man named Clare Martin, previously a friendly competitor in the industry but now a mentor and close friend. In the fall of 2012, Woodland Horizon reopened in a brand new, 6,400 sqft facility on the same property. Building upward and onward, Laverne had a new found appreciation for the fickleness of life and material possessions. Since then, he has made it his mission to build his teams rather than his business.



Laverne was looking to change direction slightly and brought on Marlin Sauder, an industry veteran, to spearhead the transition from high-end hotel finishings into the specialty cabinetry company that Woodland Horizon is now widely known for today. A new 4,800 sq ft addition was built in 2016 and provided the much-needed space to expand into these new horizons.


Constant Expansion

With the help of Clare Weber, now Woodland’s general manager, another addition was built, bringing the total to 19,000 sq feet. An additional CNC router, an automatic finishing line, and a robotic storage system for sheet goods were added to automize many of the more menial tasks. The Woodland brand, as well as a headline-making team of craftsmen, had been established.


A day in the life

Currently, Woodland Horizon employs over 50 industry-leading professionals in its full-service custom cabinetry production facility. Internally, Woodland has implemented programs such as their own “lean initiative” with the aim of team growth, morale, and productivity. Woodland maintains a strong commitment that strong teams build strong companies.