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Change is exciting! Designing, renovation or adding to the already existing design and furniture is a great option to keep things fresh. Revitalizing your environment is essential to maintaining a new and positive outlook. From custom closet systems and organizers to designing and building beautiful custom stairs and fireplace, we have a knack for all types of wood work.

You spend a lot of time at your home and we have solutions for all the rooms in your house. Our custom stairs, closet organizers and systems are a few to name. We offer all types of renovation and redesign options too.

Closet Systems and Closet Organizers

While planning closet space, it’s important to evaluate how much and what types of clothing and accessories you have. This helps us visualize and create a closet system with closet organizers that meet your needs. From built-in closets to armoires, we can create a closet system for you that gives you maximum use of your space and helps you stay organized.

Bar design and bar cabinets

You can double your living space into a relaxation and entertainment space with a bar design that’s been customized for you. We discuss your bar cabinet needs from beverage space planning to glassware storage to enable you to maximize the utility of this space. Our bar design can be the centre stage for you and your guests or even give you a space to showcase your bartending talents.

Custom living spaces

At Woodland Horizon, we believe in customizing your living space to suit you instead of the other way around. From custom fireplaces to entertainment centers, we help create a home that feels like home. Our fine craftsmanship and attention to detail makes your customized home interior uniquely yours.

If you’re a reading enthusiast, we can design and build a library to store and organize your cherished authors with built-in cabinets and more. From budding readers to full-scale bookworms, we’ve got you covered with our custom library designs and builds.

From additions to upgrades and updates, our creative team will advise you on styles, fits and finishes. Our team will discuss the unique challenges and work with you to create a realistic budget. We will transform your space, offering a rejuvenated look and feel for your custom stairs, closet systems, fireplace, libraries, and bar cabinets.

You receive the highest quality woodwork when you work with Woodland Horizon.

Our Process:


Our process begins with a meeting to understand your ideas, know your budget and inspect the living space you want to custom build. Once the meeting is done, we offer our recommendations and start with the initial design.

Design and build

We work on the design with you until you’re satisfied with the result. Once the design is approved, we select the wood, finish, colors, and hardware that suit you best and begin production. All the components are handcrafted and built in-house using the best technology.

Delivery and Installation

Once the product is created and finishing is complete, we deliver it to your door-step and also provide installation.

We’re here to serve you from the beginning till the end.

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