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“Projects crafted with quality and commitment.”

Designing the interior for a residential building or a commercial space can be challenging. Projects like artistic stairs, closet systems, bar designs and bar cabinets can be typical.

You may be a builder, a contractor or a business owner with specific needs. We make sure every penny you invest creates the best end-result for your project.

Woodland Horizon creates the most authentic and durable bar designs, bar cabinets, artistic stairs, and library interiors. Our solid wood built-in cabinets and cupboards are some of our prized pieces that contribute to beautiful interiors.

To fulfill your requirements and offer customized services, we have a special ‘builder program’ for builders and contractors.

We take every project step by step to ensure your needs and design are fully understood and create a product that exceeds your expectations. Our team is here to guide you through the entire process and provide unparalleled customer service from start to finish and beyond that.

Our 5-stage approach includes -
  • Analysis - We meet to understand your project, requirements, timeline, and budget.
  • Basic Design - We provide the initial design with our recommendations, timeline, and cost.
  • Detailed Design - We conceptualize the space and products using 3D design software. Here, all the components are finalized, including the hardware choices, colors, woods and designs.
  • Construction - While creating your products, we keep you informed of our progress from start till finish.
  • Delivery - We offer delivery and installation of all the products as well as warranty and post installation services.

With a streamlined approach and excellent craftsmanship, our team is available to offer any type of design and build you need for artistic stairs, bar cabinets, bar designs and more.

Contact us today for unique designs for custom kitchen cabinets and high end kitchen designs.
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Contact us today for unique designs for custom kitchen cabinets and high end kitchen designs.